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Really great!

I have heard a lot of submissions were cut from the collab, I would of been cool if there was some way to get them all in. I have never played street fighter and i only found 2 of these funny. Stamper always has to have some crude sex scene, which is really unnecessary. Some of the flashes seemed too long or drawn out. The medals really added some replay value to the movie. If anyone need help with the medals me and a lot of other collaborated to make a medal guide for it! http://7794.new grounds.com/news/post/314115


Yea here is the controls,
SPACE - pauses
Q - changes the quality
1, 2, 3, 4 - 1 shows it from far distance, 2 zooms in a little, 3 zooms in more, 4 zooms in to the max.
Mouse wheel - Zooms in and out
S - changes the speed of the animation

lol that was funny

i found out wat the signs say!! 1. the one with a picture of a maddness guy with red print "Now hiring. You must look like this. Also you must suck at killing" 2. maddness guy with a party hat on "Happy maddness day!!! Krinkels im gay for you"
3. sign with lipstick on it "tricky's special services call 1800-trickydicky. for the best time of your life (kiss) Tricky (with the I dotted with a heart)... and the easter egg is pointless which made me sad.. =*[ and yea its was a great flash!!!!

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Lightbot is mind boggling!

The game requires a lot of planning out after level 9. You have got to use the robot's perspective to see what way to turn. The graphics were not spectacular or anything but, it works. These 12 levels will keep you occupied for a while, once you beat it you just will want more.

Great, short little game.

A lot of people do not understand the fact that this game has 2 paths. You do not need the scavenger to beat the game. If you are stuck there is a help button in the inventory that opens a walkthrough. ~~~ This game has really good lighting and characters. It did seem a little abrupt and the ending just leaves you there after you beat it.

Greatest conversion ever.

This conversion really shows what can be done with flash, and i hope too see alchemy being used in future flash games with physics and such. The medals really added some replay value to DOOM, seeing as i beat it hundreds of times. Heretics was a little trickier than DOOM and i had a lot of fun figuring out what to do. Hexen had some nice gameplay, and i wish that had a whole episode too.

My crotch is still here, just as you remembered it.

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