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Movies I recommend, music, etc

2012-04-11 17:24:43 by 7794

Movies: (No specific order)

- Antichrist
- Jacob's Ladder
- American Psycho
- V for Vendetta
- Waking Life
- A Scanner Darkly
- A Clockwork Orange
- The Chumscrubber
- Wristcutters
- Donnie Darko
- In Bruges
- Trainspotting
- Snatch
- Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels
- Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
- American History X
- The Illusionist
- 25th Hour
- Red Dragon
- Primal Fear (It's kinda meh though)
- Fight Club
Just added:
- Jackie Brown
- Reservoir dogs

Bands and favorite album:

- Queens of The Stone Age (Songs for the Deaf & self-titled)
- Tool (Aenima)
- A Perfect Circle (Mer de Noms)
- CKY (Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild)
- System of A Down (Steal This Album!)
- Machine Head (The Blackening)
- ISIS (Oceanic)
- Porcupine Tree (Fear of A Blank Planet)
- Nine Inch Nails (The Fragile)
- Mushroomhead (XX)
- Deftones (White Pony)
- Alice In Chains (Dirt)
- American Head Charge (The Art of War)
- Audioslave (Audioslave)
- Opeth (Heritage)
- Korn (Life is Peachy)
- Lamb of God (Ashes of The Wake)

Leave whatever in the comments. Movie suggestions would be appreciated! i've run out of stuff for rainy days.


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2012-04-28 09:06:46

I'll be sure to watch them all

7794 responds:

I hope you enjoy them!